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Of all our border collies and guard llamas one stands out as "employee of the year":
Employee of the Year

He's friendly to all customers, works hard and is available 24/7. Always eager to work and will work for food !


About Our Ranch and Grass Fed Lamb

The Anderson FamilyThe Anderson's have been raising Oregon grass fed lamb for 5 generations. We have been selectively breeding our sheep for the highest quality of meat-producers.

We process our grass fed lamb meat in a facility that we own, Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC, which is unusual as most ranchers use a third party. By using our own processing plant, we control every step of the process from field to packaging. Not only do the the grass fed lambs have minimal stress before processing, but we use a best standards method for humane processing. Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC is a humanely handled holding facility as recommended by Temple Grandin.

We use sustainable farming methods. Learn more >

Up until the time we created our website about the only way you could taste our wonderful grass fed lamb was to order a meal at some of the finest restaurants in the country. We are now making it possible for you to try some of our fine products simply by going to our Online Catalog and picking out the cuts of meat you prefer.

For something a little different we recommend you try our grass fed lamb Sausage. It's a special blend of meats and spices that is guaranteed to become one of your family's favorites.

Reed & Robyn Anderson